The GDP of Jilin Province in the first three quarters was 953.661 billion yuan


according to吉林省 statistic station net station news, before three quarter,吉林省 economy and the whole nation走势 basic agreement, present last recover develop态势, main economy target运行 at合理区间, increase动 can不断积聚, economy structure last optimization, develop韧 sex obvious增强。

according to area produce总值 unity calculated result, before three quarter,全省 area produce总值(GDP)9536.61亿元, year-on-year increase7.8%, two year average increase4.6%。 among, first Industry add值700.42亿元, year-on-year increase6.1%, two year average increase3.9%; second Industry add值3488.93亿元, year-on-year increase7.0%, two year average increase6.0%; third Industry add值5347.26亿元, year-on-year increase8.6%, two year average increase3.6%。

one、 agriculture produce quick increase,畜牧 product provide plenty

before three quarter,农林牧 fisheries总 value of output1422.65亿元, year-on-year increase7.2%, series3个 quarter增速 stable at7% above。 among, agriculture(种植业) value of output249.61亿元, year-on-year increase5.2%; animal husbandry value of output1078.23亿元, year-on-year increase7.7%。 from main畜禽 breed look,全省生猪出栏1244.06万 head, year-on-year increase27.9%;牛出栏180.96万 head, year-on-year increase0.3%;羊出栏465.41万 barely, year-on-year increase44.3%; home禽出栏3.21亿 barely, year-on-year decline12.6%。

two、 industry增速 have所回落, high technology Industry enormously increase

before three quarter, scale above industry add值 year-on-year increase6.1%, two year average increase6.1%。 from emphasis Industry look, auto manufacturing industry add值 year-on-year decline2.2%, oil petrochemical Industry add值 year-on-year increase7.3%, food Industry add值 year-on-year increase12.0%,医 medicine Industry add值 year-on-year increase34.8%,冶金建材 Industry add值 year-on-year increase13.1%, equipment manufacturing industry add值 year-on-year increase11.9%。 high technology Industry add值 year-on-year increase34.7%,占 scale above industry add值 than heavy achieve10.8%。

three、 service industry right economy increase contribution highlight, emphasis area energy增强

before three quarter, service industry add值占全省 area produce总值 than heavy for56.1%。 among,住宿 and catering add值 year-on-year increase25.4%, culture、体育 and fun业 add值 year-on-year increase21.4%, science research and technology service industry add值 year-on-year increase15.9%, wholesale and retail业 add值 year-on-year increase13.8%, information传输、 software and information technology service industry add值 year-on-year increase11.2%, traffic transport、仓储 and mail业 add值 year-on-year increase8.6%。

four、 consumer goods market last recover, goods sales volume增势良好

before three quarter, society consumer goods retail total2937.72亿元, year-on-year increase12.5%, two year average decline2.3%。按 management unit所 at land penny, town consumer goods retail额2605.12亿元, year-on-year increase11.3%; village consumer goods retail额332.60亿元, year-on-year increase22.1%。按 expense type penny, goods retail2508.15亿元, year-on-year increase11.0%;餐饮 income429.56亿元, year-on-year increase22.2%。限额 above unit18个 goods类别 retail额均 achieve to increase, among communicate器材类 year-on-year increase38.9%, daily necessities类 year-on-year increase32.6%, oil及制品类 year-on-year increase26.7%。

five、 fix asset investment quick increase, heavy big project支撑 have力

before three quarter, fix asset investment额( exclude农户) year-on-year increase13.8%, two year average increase11.3%。民间 investment year-on-year increase13.1%, two year average increase11.4%。 penny Industry look, first Industry investment year-on-year increase9.2%, two year average increase32.5%; second Industry investment year-on-year increase12.2%, two year average increase9.3%; third Industry investment year-on-year increase14.5%, two year average increase11.6%。 from main area look, manufacturing industry investment year-on-year increase7.4%, base facility investment year-on-year increase6.2%, estate develop investment year-on-year increase10.9%。亿元 above at建 project个数 year-on-year increase11.0%, investment额 year-on-year increase20%。