Jilin province names 11 ski resorts and 7 ice rinks as Winter Olympic training bases

The Jilin Provincial Sports Bureau recently named several ski resorts and ice rinks as Winter Olympic training bases to support the guarantee work of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

On the basis of the recommendation and application of cities (prefectures) in Jilin province, the Provincial Sports Bureau organized national and provincial experts on snow and ice sports to carry out on-site inspection, assessment, review and comprehensive evaluation. With the decision of the Party group meeting of the Provincial Sports Bureau, 11 ski resorts and 7 ice rinks were named as Winter Olympic training bases, including Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort, Jilin Beidahu National Training Base for Snow Sports, Changbai Mountain International Tourism Resort, Jilin Beishan Four-season Cross-country Ski Resort, Changbai Mountain Training Base for Plateau Ice and Snow Sports, Tonghua Training Base for Cross-country Skiing, Tonghua Ski Resort (Wanfeng), Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort, Changbai Mountain Luneng Ski Resort, Changchun Lianhua Mountain Shimao Ski Resort, Yanbian Changbai Mountain Xianfeng Ski Resort, Jilin Speed Skating Oval, Jilin Skating Center, Jilin Gymnasium, Changchun Wuhuan Gymnasium, Changchun Skating Center, Changchun Beihu Olympic Sports Center and Changchun Fuao Sports Center.