“Ji brand” golden autumn travel guide released

In the golden autumn, Jilin has more beautiful scenery, with short-distance tour, leisure tour, ecological tour and self-driving tour upgraded. On September 13, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism released the 2021 Jilin Travel Guide on the WeChat official account of Youyou Jilin to recommend 5 categories of “Ji brand” tourism attractions to citizens and tourists.

The category of “Jilin Ecological Tour” highlights the natural beauty of the province in autumn and recommends Jingyuetan National Scenic Area, Beihu National Wetland Park, Songhua Lake Scenic Area, Jiaohe Hongye Valley, Lafashan National Forest Park and other scenic spots. The category of “Jilin Leisure Tour” focuses on the excellent and rich leisure tourism products of the province and recommends Changchun SENLO Tourist Resort, Manshanli National Study Camp, Lushuihe Changbai Mountain Hunting Resort and so on. The category of “Jilin Happy Tour” shows the latest construction results of the province’s “upgraded version” of rural tourism and recommends a number of villages, such as Maanshan village, Youhao village and Xiaoguang village of Changchun city, Huajiao township of Huadian city under the jurisdiction of Jilin city, Chaoyang village of Anshi town of Dongliao county of Liaoyuan city, and Qianwan village of Taiwang town of Ji’an city under the jurisdiction of Tonghua city. The category of “Jilin Cultural Tour” recommends the Museum of the Imperial Palace of “Manchukuo”, Changchun World Sculpture Park, Changchun Movie Wonderland, Changchun Lianhua Island Film & TV Leisure Culture Park, Changchun Nong’an Liao and Jin Culture Park, Tonghua Tontine Winery, Siping Yehe Nara Hala City, Baishan Balipo Culture Park, Meihekou Night Market and other cultural tourism spots. The category of “Jilin Creative Tour” emphasizes the province’s new business forms of tourism and recommends Changchun Shuangyang Taiping Paragliding Flight Camp, Changchun Lianhua Mountain Baturu Paradise, Ji’an Guitar Square, Chagan Lake Parachuting Base, Yanbian Longjing Piyan Mountain Scenic Spot, Changbai Mountain Legend Town Flight Theater, Meihekou Starlight Garden, etc.

The natural scenery of Jilin province is particularly beautiful in September and October which is also a peak season for tourism. The guide released by the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism collects the best cultural tourism products from all over the province to meet the diversified and personalized needs of consumers. Besides entertainment activities, ticket prices and addresses, the guide, based on the timeliness and seasonality, also provides travel tips for people to travel to Jilin.