Jilin province promotes “one service hall access” of social insurance premiums

In May this year, the Jilin Provincial Taxation Service of the State Taxation Administration joined force with the Jilin Provincial Social Security Bureau and the Jilin Provincial Healthcare Security Bureau to implement the “one service hall access” for interdepartmental businesses throughout the province, so that payers can handle social insurance matters related to insurance registration, staff increase and reduction, fee verification, declaration and payment of social insurance premiums, and treatment distribution in one government service hall. Meanwhile, a mechanism for rapid handling of interdepartmental matters was established to solve the problem of “multiple running and repeatedly asking” for the people. At present, the work related to the “one service hall access” of social insurance premiums is being implemented in an orderly manner, widely praised by payers.

Since the implementation of the “one service hall access”, each government service hall in the province has accepted nearly 5,000 related businesses every day, and the processing time has been shortened from 1-2 days to an average of 30 minutes, basically realizing the “getting things done in one service hall with one visit”. Some regions also set corresponding payment banks in the adjacent areas of the service halls to further improve the convenience of payment.