China-Northeast Asia Expo builds digital platform

The 13th China-Northeast Asia Expo will be held in Changchun on September 23. As one of the highlights of the expo, the Northeast Asia Expo online exhibition platform has entered the stage of perfection. This year’s expo, held both online and offline, will use internet technologies including VR, plane display and big data to set up an online integrated service system with online exhibition, online meetings, marketing promotion, cross-border e-commerce services and other functions. It will also utilize integrated marketing, online negotiation and big data analysis technology to facilitate online trade docking, project promotion and investment cooperation, realizing digital empowerment and dual-line integration.

The expo is to comprehensively upgrade VR pavilions on the basis of the existing online exhibition platform. With the VR technology, the expo will provide virtual scene display and video playback services for exhibitors, as well as multi-dimensional and immersive product display services in virtual space. New functions such as live video, web celebrity recommendation, navigation classification, instant conversation, online transaction and online customer service will be added to the online exhibition platform. The expo will provide a series of management services including goods, orders, promotion, logistics, after-sales, settlement and statistical analysis for businesses and will closely connect manufacturers, exhibitors and buyers together to greatly enhance the service capacity of e-commerce and to make businesses obtain more value-added opportunities.

Meanwhile, the expo will set up real-time monitoring of big data and conduct multi-dimensional real-time statistical analysis and presentation of the online data. To date, the official website of the Northeast Asia Expo has developed multiple language versions in Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese and Korean. The expo app and WAP website have been comprehensively upgraded and revised to merge with the management background of the expo official website, realizing unified compatibility of multiple platforms. With the integration of exhibition filling and application, exhibitors only need to upload information once to complete online and offline exhibition registration and certificate information entry.

There are seven VR pavilions in the expo, including a Science and Technology Innovation Pavilion, Automobile Pavilion, Northeast Asian Countries Pavilion, Jilin Pavilion, Joint Provincial Pavilion, Import Commodity Pavilion and New Media Live Broadcast Pavilion. With the 3D modeling technology, pavilions are embedded with a variety of dynamic effects to provide immersive exhibition experience. At present, nearly 20,000 exhibits have been uploaded on the online exhibition platform. People can visit the expo without leaving home. Through online instant communication, the transaction between buyers and sellers is more convenient.

The Northeast Asia Expo online exhibition platform becomes an interconnected, open and sharing digital platform for global enterprises unable to participate in the expo, which will further promote economic and cultural exchanges and international trade cooperation among Northeast Asian countries and the countries along the Belt and Road, according to head of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Jilin Committee. At the same time, the online exhibition platform will strengthen the interconnection of provinces, autonomous regions and cities in China and foster a new development pattern in which domestic and foreign markets boost each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay.

After the end of the exhibition period, the expo will provide long-term online exhibition services for exhibitors, and online exhibitors can still display and trade commodities on the expo online exhibition platform.