Summary of creating “red incubators” in Jilin province to boost healthy development of private enterprises

Jilin province persists in laying the foundation at the grassroots, firmly follows the use-based work concept, continuously improves the red incubation system and strives to provide “one-stop”, “menu-type” and “bundle-based” incubation services for private enterprises.

Formulate and issue the 16 Measures on Creating “Red Incubators” to Boost the Incubation and Growth of Private Enterprises. With the guidance service center for Party building of non-public enterprises in counties (cities, districts) and development zones as the main body, as well as the sub center of market malls, commercial buildings and business districts as the assist, Jilin creates 141 “red incubators” of all kinds, forming a “1 + N” incubation system throughout the province. Improve the function setting of “one classroom and three stations”, generally open the “entrepreneurship lecture”, set up over 330 “mass entrepreneurship space” workstations, tax service stations and soft environment construction supervision stations according to local conditions, aid more than 3,500 incubators, provide incubated enterprises with 32,000-square-meter business space for free, and help enterprises handle 11,000 tax-related matters.

Jilin city invests more than 38 million yuan to build 26 “red incubators”, fostering a multi-level and three-dimensional red incubation system. The Changchun New Area promotes the general Party branch of ferry entrepreneurship workshop to create a working mode of “Party building + maker + entrepreneurship + innovation”, providing start-up services for 82 incubated enterprises.

Further promote training and education for innovation and entrepreneurship, carry out training sessions for “red incubator” staff, Party members and the people who are willing to start their own businesses, as well as micro and small-sized business owners. Solve the problem of insufficient ability of entrepreneurs, and assist micro and small-sized business owners in improving their business management skills. The province launches over 2,100 training sessions on entrepreneurship and employment and trains more than 90,000 Party members, the people, micro, small and medium-sized business owners and new generation entrepreneurs.

Establish a provincial Party building alliance for the automobile industry, effectively integrate the Party organization strength of 27 automobile-related enterprises, including State-owned enterprises directly under the central government in Jilin, local State-owned enterprises, private enterprises in the region and industrial parks, and help build a world-class enterprise industrial base. Implement the form of “leading enterprise (industry) party organization + upstream and downstream enterprise Party organization”, promote the establishment of 171 Party building alliances for railway vehicles and pharmaceutical industry chain enterprises, and push the creation of an industrial development model featuring mutual promotion in new organizational forms. Give full play to the radiation role of Party organizations in business districts, commercial buildings and professional markets, set up 92 regional Party building alliances to foster a development pattern featuring organization collaboration, resource sharing and benefits for all.

Implement preferential tax policies, coordinate the departments of finance, fiscal affairs, taxation, and human resources and social security, and assist incubated enterprises in obtaining benefits from various tax and fee policies totaling 82.67 million yuan. Implement capital and credit policies, actively connect with banking institutions to develop financial products, organize and launch more than 340 bank-enterprise matching activities, and raise 2.92 billion yuan for 971 enterprises to solve the problem of insufficient funds. Implement supportive policies for product promotion, hold 948 sales activities such as enterprise products fair and night market of famous and quality commodity relying on “red incubators”, and guide enterprises to organize over 100,000 online sales activities with a total sales volume of 2.271 billion yuan.

Bank of Jilin and the Jilin Rural Credit Union carry out financial support for the construction of “red incubators”, launch specialty credit products and provide credit funds of 1.379 billion yuan for micro and small-sized enterprises and self-employed individuals. The Provincial Department of Market Regulation promotes the implementation of policies and measures, such as “individual to enterprise” convenient access, tax preference and social security support, and cultivates 11,000 individually-owned businesses to transform into firms. Meihekou city operates a through train to provide services for small and medium-sized enterprises, lists 102 low-cost market-oriented services, coordinates 32 approval authorities to send services down to the community level, and assists micro and small-sized enterprises in solving more than 700 difficult problems, achieving employment intentions of over 800 people and increasing sales of 120 million yuan.