Changchun Customs issues ten facilitation measures

To better supervise and provide services for the 13th China-Northeast Asia Expo, Changchun Customs recently formulated and issued the Instructions for Customs Clearance of Inbound Exhibition Items and the list of prohibited and restricted items, providing detailed customs clearance guidelines for exhibitors. Meanwhile, to ensure the rapid clearance of exhibitors, the Customs specially rolled out 10 facilitation measures including sending staff to the whole customs clearance process, unified tax guarantee, simplification of regulatory procedures, etc.

Changchun Customs has set up special channels and windows for inbound exhibits at major ports and given priority to customs declaration, inspection, sampling and testing of the exhibits. The Customs has also implemented the “port + on-site rapid inspection and clearance” mode and provided 24-hour and holiday customs appointment services. During the expo, the Customs will send officials to the comprehensive service area of Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center to supervise the inbound exhibits and to provide relevant consulting services.

To facilitate the participation of food and cosmetics, Changchun Customs has simplified the customs procedures. The pre-packaged food tasted and distributed during the expo can be exempted from sticking Chinese labels under the condition that foreign exhibitors make unified labels. For the pre-packaged food exempted from Chinese labels, exhibitors should indicate the name, shelf life, contraindication and edible (use) method in Chinese beside the food. For the cosmetics not for sale in the exhibition, exhibitors should provide the exhibition certificate issued by the expo organizer (competent) before the cosmetics enter China, which can be exempted from inspection.

At present, Changchun Customs is moving its supervision ahead, providing business consultation and pre-examination of exhibition lists for exhibitors or agents, and pre-examining the exhibition lists for participating countries or exhibitors who can provide the list in advance. Exhibitors are informed of prohibited exhibits in advance to avoid unnecessary losses. For restricted inbound exhibits, the Customs timely gives feedback on exhibition conditions and requirements, so that exhibitors or agents can make early preparations.

At this year’s expo, Changchun Customs allows unified tax guarantee. If the CCPIT or its designated agency company provides the bank guarantee to the customs on site for the total tax guarantee, exhibitors or their agents can be exempted from submitting the tax guarantee to the customs.