Highlights of 20th Changchun Agricultural Expo

Based on the previous exhibition content, this year’s Changchun International Agriculture and Food Expo has launched 38 exhibitions and sessions in three plates including brand exhibitions & facilities and equipment, industrial demonstrations and science education, as well as economic events and trade forums. At the same time, the expo has strengthened the online exhibition experience function to truly realize the all-round and three-dimensional exhibition with online exhibition and offline experience.

In the fishery exhibition hall, western Pacific harbor seals with big eyes and cute facial expressions are newly introduced as first-class national protected animals. The expo has specially made a breeding environment assessment report for them and has applied for the aquatic wildlife breeding and business licenses. In the jelly exhibition hall, there are moon jellies, red moon jellies, Pacific sea nettles, Australian spotted jellies, Papuan spotted jellies, etc. In the home horticulture exhibition area, family-sized hydroponic devices, small substrate or soil trough cultivation of vegetables, as well as used furniture and appliances as bearing devices for flowers, grass and vegetables, will open the eyes of visitors who like farming. In the rare bird garden, the expo has selected the birds with good viewing effect and popular science education as exhibition objects and has carried out scientific and standardized management from the aspects of breeding sites, breeding workers, feed processing, epidemic prevention and control according to national standards.

Another major feature of the expo this year is the addition of more online exhibition content. Based on the establishment of “10 + 365” one-stop agricultural expo exhibition and trading service platform in 2020, the expo has entered the construction stage of agricultural expo information integration platform, actively collected and integrated agricultural products information in the province, gradually increased online merchants, organized more products to be sold online, created two cloud trade zones named “International Imported Commodities” and “Famous and Excellent Commodities of the 20th Agricultural Expo”, and launched an online financial payment system, so as to reach substantive transactions, to form a transaction closed loop, and to deeply build a normal operation of online transactions. The expo has also added an online consulting service section, further improved the online “serving agriculture, rural areas and rural people” section, set up a consulting area for agro-techniques, built an online exchange and service platform for agro-techniques, and invited well-known agricultural technologists in the province to provide services online. The online exhibition experience function has been strengthened, with one-stop services such as VR agricultural expo, online shopping, online consulting and online ticket purchase. Visitors can learn about all kinds of highlights and hotspots of the expo online. At the same time, the intelligent tour guide function combined with professional voice and text annotation can stimulate online visitors’ interest in offline exhibition, realizing both online exhibition and offline experience.