Further improvement of trade facilitation in comprehensive bonded zone of Jilin province

Recently, a vehicle loaded with packaging materials from Changchun Delin Wood Industry Co Ltd slowly drove into the Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Zone. It took only 5 minutes for these materials worth more than 100,000 yuan to enter the zone, which is the result of the customs department to implement convenient access.

Convenient access to the zone is the substantive implementation of the reform of promoting trade facilitation in the 21 policies issued by the State Council to boost the high-level opening and high-quality development of comprehensive bonded zones. It refers to the implementation of the convenient access management mode for goods and articles that do not involve export tariffs, trade control certificates and tax refund requirements and are not included in the customs statistics. 8 types of goods and articles, such as infrastructure materials, urgent materials and office supplies for personal use, can go through the formalities of entering and exiting the zone without customs declaration and record list, so as to simplify the management of goods and articles.

Before the implementation of the convenient access mode, enterprises and administrative agencies in the zone need to put on record commodities in advance via the customs system for self-used office supplies and packaging materials used by businesses. Commodity declaration is required when entering the zone, and the process and procedures are relatively complicated. Delin Wood Industry is a processing trade company in the comprehensive bonded zone and needs many and miscellaneous materials, as well as frequent access to the zone, according to Wang Kai, head of the trade department of Changchun Delin Wood Industry Co Ltd. He added that with simplified procedures of domestic goods, now we only need to check and release the declaration and complete all the procedures in a few minutes, greatly reducing the cost of logistics and time.

In addition to the convenient access mode, among the 21 policies issued by the State Council on the high-quality development of comprehensive bonded zones, 12 policies led by Changchun Customs have met the implementation conditions, of which 7 policies required by enterprises in the province have already been implemented. The level of trade facilitation has been significantly improved.