Jilin provincial trade group appears at CIFTIS

Recently, the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was held in Beijing. A trade group composed of more than 280 exhibitors and buyers from Jilin province appeared at this year’s CIFTIS.

According to the Provincial Department of Commerce, based on local conditions, Jilin province arranged activities from the following four aspects during the CIFTIS. The first is exhibition and display. Set up an image exhibition booth of Jilin province in the comprehensive exhibition area of the fair, as well as image exhibition booths of Jilin city and Changbai Mountain in the sports service exhibition area, to display and publicize the development achievements, special advantages and brand enterprises in the fields of service trade and ice and snow tourism of the province. The second is negotiation and procurement. Organize exhibitors and buyers in the province to participate in online and offline exhibitions and negotiations, so as to expand domestic and foreign markets and promote trade transactions. The third is investment and promotion. Visit State-owned enterprises directly under the central government in Beijing to further cooperation projects with the province, and promote the resources and services of ice and snow tourism and sports. Jilin city and the Changbai Mountain Management Committee made keynote speeches at the opening ceremony of the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo, and Jilin city held a special promotion meeting on ice and snow sports. The fourth is attending exhibition and meeting. Attend the Global Trade in Services Summit and other important meetings and forums, and organize business systems and enterprises in the province to participate in professional forums and industry meetings of the CIFTIS to broaden their horizons and to enhance exchanges and cooperation.

With the theme of “Towards Digital Future and Service Driven Development”, this year’s CIFTIS will focus on the cutting-edge trends in 12 areas of trade in services and the development of digital economy and trade and will build a cooperation and exchange platform for global trade in services.