Jilin completes afforestation of 2.158 million mu in first five months

In the first five months of this year, Jilin province completed afforestation on an area of 2.158 million mu and greening of 1,301 villages.

The Jilin Provincial Department of Transport launched the “green channel” quality improvement action, completed the replanting of 661 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial trunk highways, and eliminated the section with no trees more than 20 meters along the highways. Meanwhile, forestry and grassland, transport and water conservancy departments at all levels joined forces to complete the greening of 3,998 kilometers of roads below the county level.

The Jilin Provincial Department of Forestry and Grassland formulated the 3rd Ten-Year Plan (2021-2030) for Greening and Beautifying Jilin Land to define the timetable and road map. Starting from 2021, Jilin province will take 10 years to promote the large-scale land greening action and strive to build a balanced forest and grassland ecosystem.