Jilin city issues new policies to attract outstanding talents all over the world

Recently, Jilin city held a meeting of the talent work leading group to review and approve the “one opinion and six methods” on recruiting and cultivating talents, namely the implementation opinion on stimulating the innovative vitality of talents and promoting the “four orientations, six industrial clusters, four major plates and five county economic growth poles” development strategy, and six methods on the implementation of introducing 10,000 college graduates, developing rural areas with talents, attracting high-end talents for key industries, cultivating private entrepreneurs, training skilled workers and talents returning.

The policy system of “one opinion and six methods” mainly focuses on stimulating talent vitality, implementing key talent projects, rewarding contributing talents, promoting the flow of talents to the grassroots level of enterprises, supporting talent entrepreneurship and employment, pushing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and optimizing the talent development environment, with 33 specific measures covering all links of talent attraction, cultivation and retention.

The specific measures of the new policies for talents also include a one-time living subsidy of 200,000 yuan for the introduced high-end talents, a project subsidy of up to 5,000,000 yuan for the major technological research and development or achievement transformation of the introduced and signed high-end talents, and special policy support for the projects to be transformed with international or domestic leading level.

Entrepreneurs with outstanding contributions, Songhuajiang talents, highly skilled talents, entrepreneurs who return to the city and start businesses and other top-notch talents will be rewarded. The “Jilin City Private Entrepreneurs Festival” will be established on November 1 every year to select and commend a group of meritorious private entrepreneurs, excellent private entrepreneurs, outstanding new generation entrepreneurs and top 100 enterprises in the city.

Award the title of “Technical Expert” and financial incentives to the leaders of the municipal-level “Skill Master Studio” and “Master and Apprentice Workshop”. Support the excellent talents who return to the city and start businesses with interest subsidy. Recommend model figures from excellent rural talents to serve as “two representatives and one committee member”, and preferentially recommend qualified talents to join the village team or the village-level reserve team for key training. Carry out special recruitment of township institutions for excellent rural talents.

To make all kinds of talents work in the city without worries behind, there are practical measures for their children education and spouse employment. In terms of talent capital investment guarantee, the special fund for talents has been established, and the scale of the special fund of about 100 million yuan has been formed at the municipal and county levels.