Jilin Provincial Taxation Bureau uses policy benefits to stimulate enterprise motivation

The Jilin Provincial Taxation Bureau has fully implemented tax and fee cut policies and activated enterprises’ motivation for development with policy benefits. There are 20 measures for supporting the development of enterprises during the epidemic and 16 measures for implementing preferential tax policies issued to stabilize the six fronts, to guarantee the six priorities and to enhance taxpayers’ sense of gain. Working mechanisms for “Tax +” department coordination, “point-to-point” taxation bureau-enterprise connection and “one-to-one” assistance have been established. In addition, the bureau has expanded the scope of “bank-taxation bureau interaction” and carried out online cooperation with 15 banks to ease the difficulties faced by micro and small-sized firms in accessing affordable financing.

The bureau has continued to roll out efficient and intelligent tax service measures, so that data can run more on the Internet and taxpayers can run less on the road. The “tax bureau-enterprise direct connection” project featuring smart tax collection has been launched. The first batch of connected companies includes State Grid Jilin Electric Power and its 95 member companies. Through the “connection between the general Intranet and the special line data” between the tax bureau and companies, the provincial power company has realized the centralized collection of invoice information, centralized tax assessment, centralized declaration, centralized tax payment, centralized invoicing and hierarchical warehousing. Meanwhile, with the provincial power company as the fulcrum, the bureau has provided convenient invoicing services for 24,700 electricity customers via the mobile end.

The bureau has continued to expand “non-contact” tax payment services. In Jilin, safe and efficient tax payment methods have become an important channel for taxpayers to handle tax business and to obtain tax information. To data, the Jilin Electronic Taxation Bureau has realized 214 online tax services, with 1.02 million users. In addition, the time required for the first invoice application business of new companies has been shortened from 2 working days to 0.5 working days.

The bureau has built a large-scale consulting and counseling service system for the provincial tax system, promoted the establishment of a hierarchical and classified response mode, and realized the linkage of service hall and hotline service, the simultaneous action of response and handling, as well as the interaction of tax collection and payment. The 12366 hotline car and housing consultation center has been established to solve the problems of difficult consultation and tax handling for taxpayers, so as to make them experience quality tax services of the provincial taxation bureau.