people who cannot return to China due to COVID-19 can entrust their immediate relatives at home to renew their ID cards

To solve the problem that people who work and study abroad cannot return home to renew their ID cards due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Provincial Public Security Department recently carried out the work of entrusting immediate relatives in China to renew ID cards in the public security organs of the province.

According to the staff of the household administration team of the provincial public security department, those who are unable to return to China after the expiry of their ID cards during the epidemic can entrust their immediate relatives at home, including spouse, parents, children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren, to renew their ID cards at the public security organs in their places of permanent residence. The required materials include the power of attorney signed by the applicant (trustor), the photocopy of the information page of the trustor’s Chinese passport within the validity period, the photocopy of the visa page of the country where the trustor resides, the image information of the trustor holding the power of attorney and the information page of his/her passport, as well as the trustee’s ID card.

The trustee shall apply to the local police station where the trustor’s permanent residence is located, submit the required materials, confirm the accuracy and authenticity of the submitted information, and sign a written letter of commitment on the spot. The local police station will carefully examine the application materials, verify the relevant information via the on-site video connection between the trustee and the trustor, intercept and save the video image information, and submit the acceptance information using the trustor’s original photo and fingerprint information for those who meet the acceptance conditions. After successful acceptance, the Registration Form for ID Card Application will be printed for the trustee to check and sign. When obtaining the renewed ID card, the trustee shall present his/her ID card and the receipt and sign on the application registration form for confirmation.