Changchun Taxation Bureau optimizes invoice delivery service

Since this year, the Changchun Taxation Bureau has further optimized the “online application and postal distribution” of invoices and other “non-contact” tax services and has expanded the types and mailing scope of invoices to reduce the tax burden of taxpayers. In the first half of the year, the bureau provided more than 20,000 invoice delivery services and mailed over 1,600,000 invoices.

In terms of invoice types, the bureau has improved from only mailing VAT series invoices to providing full invoice delivery services except named invoices. At the same time, Gongzhuling has been included in the mailing scope. Taxpayers in the administrative area of Changchun can apply for invoice delivery service, which is free throughout the process. Urban taxpayers apply for invoice delivery service in the morning and can receive invoices in the afternoon. If they apply for the service in the afternoon and can receive invoices the next morning.

“You only need to log in the website of the Jilin Electronic Taxation Bureau, click ‘online application’, fill in the information related to the application for the invoice, and then select the mail service,” according to Bian Mingnan, a financial officer of Changchun Huagang Motor Vehicle Market Development Co Ltd. She said that she applied for a total of 24,000 invoices six times this year without service window visiting.