Liaoyuan strives to build “general customer service” to serve enterprises and individuals

Since this year, the Liaoyuan Municipal Bureau of Government Service and Digital Construction has consolidated the basic work of the citizen service hotline 12345, tracked and supervised all kinds of online and offline work orders, taken the lead in coordinating the work orders with controversial division of responsibilities and overlapping management functions, solved the concerns of a large number of enterprises and individuals, further optimized the business environment and effectively improved the ability of delivering services to the people.

To continuously strengthen the awareness of delivering administrative services to the people, the bureau has focused on the exploration of flat management in the hotline handling process and learned from Beijing’s “handling a complaint upon receipt” to provide more efficient services. Practical actions have been taken to solve people’s difficulties and to improve their satisfaction rate.

The bureau has strengthened efforts to improve the business environment, set up a special section for the business environment issues on the citizen service hotline and assigned specific personnel in charge of such cases, so as to effectively help and support the development of enterprises.

To completely solve the problems of “too many hotlines, difficult to remember and get through, and multiple searching” of government hotlines, the bureau has incorporated 14 service hotlines, such as the hotline for civil services, the hotline for reporting illegal activities of natural resources and the hotline for reports, complaints and consultation in the business sector, into the Work Plan of Liaoyuan City on Further Merging and Optimizing Government Service Hotlines on the basis of integrating 67 hotlines. Before the end of the year, Liaoyuan will have realized one unified hotline for external government services with 24/7 manual service.

In terms of improving the supervision mechanism of hotline acceptance and handling, the Liaoyuan Municipal Bureau of Government Service and Digital Construction has established a closed-loop workflow of one hotline acceptance, classified transfer, time-limited feedback and return visit to ensure the high-quality and efficient administrative services. Different types of issues will be handed with different processing modes. For policy consultation problems, the customer service agent can respond directly and accurately through knowledge base search. Handling questions can be answered by connecting the service window in accordance with the connectivity mechanism. Complaints will be transferred to relevant departments or units in the form of worksheets, and specific personnel will be assigned to follow up and urge the department or unit to deal with the complaint as soon as possible and to give a reply within 5 working days.