Ji’an city develops integrated tourism

In recent years, Ji’an city has subdivided the “tourism revitalization action” into ten projects, such as the construction of high-quality scenic spots, the integrated development of tourism and the improvement of tourism elements, and implemented 37 key tasks in 15 departments and townships (sub-districts), comprehensively building itself into the most beautiful border city in China.

With a total investment of over 89 million yuan, Ji’an has built 1 integrated tourism service center, 6 fully functional tourist service centers and 65 tourist toilets, set up more than 70 tourist signs, laid more than 100 panoramic maps, created 2 food streets with local characteristics and speeded up the construction of star-rated hotels. At present, there are 4 star-rated hotels in the city, including 2 four-star hotels and 2 two-star hotels.

Ji’an has taken the lead in developing “digital tourism” in counties of the province, cooperated with NetEase and invested 20 million yuan in the establishment of smart tourism cloud data center and public service platform, industry management platform, as well as marketing management platform, which can provide not only real-time data such as tourist source analysis, scenic spot popularity, tourist flow statistics and hotel room status, but also tourism consultation, complaint, case acceptance and local one-stop services. The city has also revised and upgraded the mobile app to make “digital tourism” run through the whole process of tourism, provided tourists with the integrated travel plan of navigation, tour guide and shopping guide. Tickets, meals and accommodation can be booked and paid online, basically realizing “one smartphone in hand, travel Ji’an without worry”.

The city has adhered to the integration of the whole industry, promoted the integrated development of tourism with industry, agriculture, health care and business services, and launched tourist routes such as Kangmei Xinkaihe ginseng food intensive processing and Yajiang Valley Winery wine production sightseeing. It has organized the implementation of high-quality tourism projects such as Yalu River national gate scenic spot, Yalu River Taiji Bay ecotourism area, Qingshi town, China • Qinghe (Aoyang) wild ginseng international trading center and Ji’an • Aoyang health care featuring traditional Chinese medicine, and has encouraged the establishment of family hotels and homestays in rural areas and built a number of famous tourism villages to guide farmers to increase their income by developing and participating in tourism.