“China ice and snow caravan” drives into Liaoyuan

Recently, the “China ice and snow caravan” drove into Liaoyuan and arranged equipment at Liaoyuan Gymnasium for the popularization and promotion of ice and snow sports, bringing the ice and snow experience to people.

According to the staff, the “caravan” consists of four modules including ice and snow knowledge lecture, ice and snow sports experience, ice and snow equipment display and ice and snow cultural creation. Through a hundred tours and the combination of online and offline methods, it has introduced land-based ice and snow experience activities, such as dry-land curling, table hockey and cross-country skiing training machine, and ice and snow sports knowledge and culture into communities, government organs, campuses, military units, factories and mines, rural areas and houses, so as to facilitate the public to participate in and experience ice and snow sports nearby. At the event site, people stopped to learn about ice and snow knowledge, experienced ice and snow sports and participated in ice and snow cultural creation, cheering for China’s winter sports in different ways.

The event was hosted by the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, the Chinese Skiing Association, the Chinese Skating Association and the Chinese Figure Skating Association, and co-organized by the Liaoyuan Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau and the Liaoyuan Sports Federation. The official partner was Bank of China, the official social media partner was Sina Weibo, and the support unit was Shanghai Animation Film Studio. Bank of China has set up an online special zone for the event and launched various online activities, such as “The Most Beautiful Winter Olympics Lecturer”, “Supporting the Winter Olympics”, “Winter Olympics Gas Station” and “Going into ice and snow to win gifts”, to facilitate public participation.