Total cargo volume of China-Europe freight train in Changchun ranks among top in China

The Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe freight train is the first train of the province to Europe. Since its operation, the train has made high-frequency trips between Changchun and the European continent. It has broken the situation that Changchun’s and even the province’s imports can only rely on coastal areas and air ports for customs transit and has become a new path for Changchun to actively integrate into the building of the Belt and Road, to develop an export-oriented economy, to create an inland opening highland and to build a regional central city in Northeast Asia.

The freight train went into service in both directions in August 2015. As of last year, it had carried 57,998 twenty-foot equivalent unit containers of import and export goods, equivalent to 707 trains, with an average annual cargo volume stable at about 140 trains. The value of the goods reached 13.5 billion yuan. At present, the total cargo volume of the train ranks the forefront of the country.

To date, the freight train has achieved direct connection with 25 railway network container freight stations in 10 European countries, and its business has covered the ROK, Japan, the three provinces of Northeast China, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other regions, serving nearly 3,000 enterprises, including many Fortune Global 500 corporations, and carrying more than 2,000 kinds of goods.

The train has provided strong logistics support for domestic, international and regional business activities and large-scale urban consumption demand, as well as value-added services such as finance, settlement and supply chain management, which has stimulated the economic vitality of inland regions.

The running time of the train is more than 25 days shorter than that of sea transport, and the shipping cost is only 1/25 of that of air transport. As a result, “Made in China”, “Made in Jilin” and “Made in Changchun” have increased their share in the European market and further enhanced their competitive advantages, and more and more high-quality foreign products have entered the life of Changchun people.