The GDP of Jilin Province in the first three quarters was 953.661 billion yuan

  according to吉林省 statistic station net station news, before three quarter,吉林省 economy and the whole nation走势 basic agreement, present last recover develop态势, main economy target运行 at合理区间, increase动 can不断积聚, economy structure last optimization, develop韧 sex obvious增强。 […]

China-ROK City Pavilion officially opens

Recently, the China-ROK City Pavilion project, which took one year to build in the China-ROK (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, officially opened. The China-ROK City Pavilion, as a landmark building of the China-ROK (Changchun) International […]

“Ji brand” golden autumn travel guide released

In the golden autumn, Jilin has more beautiful scenery, with short-distance tour, leisure tour, ecological tour and self-driving tour upgraded. On September 13, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism released the 2021 Jilin Travel […]

China-Northeast Asia Expo builds digital platform

The 13th China-Northeast Asia Expo will be held in Changchun on September 23. As one of the highlights of the expo, the Northeast Asia Expo online exhibition platform has entered the stage of perfection. This […]